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Wedding Shoe Shopping: 3 quick tips

2 weeks News, Weddings

Have you found your wedding dress? That’s really awesome news! You can now cross that off your infinity to-do list.
The next step is to complete your wedding outfit with accessories and which one do you think is most crucial?: shoes!
Shoe shopping for your wedding is not so different from choosing the right pair for work or an event. Still, we tend to pick glamorous designs and gorgeous models that we regret later. They are cute for pictures and Instagram, but are they suitable for your D-Day? 
We listed 3 pieces of advice to keep in mind when searching for your wedding shoes:

1- Be true to your style

Once you have chosen your wedding dress, take the time to do some research about the shoes. Remember that it is not mandatory to have white ones, but they should be in the same style as the rest.

If you are a sneakers girl and you feel comfortable using flat shoes, I would advise remaining true to yourself on the day of your wedding.
You will not be at ease with a 10 cm heel. The last thing we want is for you to be thinking about the pain instead of savouring each moment.
There are many beautiful and elegant models of 4 cm heel or even flat to choose from
On the other side, if you are tall, do not feel like you have to wear flat shoes, go for heels! It is your day after all.

Adding some color is a smart idea if you want to boost your look. Blue is the most popular color for brides, as we all remember those Manolos from Carry Bradshaw. It is also your “something blue”.
However, pink, coral, or even green could also be cool, if they are in line with wedding decoration and style.
Also relevant to consider is the length of your dress. Will it cover your shoes entirely? Yes! It is okay to be a bit crazy and not worry too much (not much) about finishing the look.
But, if your dress shows your ankle, your shoes must match the dress. This could be the fabric, the color, or small details like strass. 
 TIP: be careful when choosing strass, if they get stuck in the dress, they will damage it.

Blue Wedding Shoes

2- Consider the venue

It may seem logical, but not every bride thinks about it. You will need to consider the surfaces of the venue or venues you will be using: is it a wood floor? Stone paving? Sand? Grass?
If you will be using heels on grass, use the protect heel. Proposing them to your bridesmaids and other guests is a sweet gesture.
For wood floors (remember almost all floor dances are made of wood), opt for the slippery floor pads 
You can paste them directly to the sole of your shoes. This one could also be useful for the groom.
When having a beach wedding, flat sandals are the ideal option, but not the only one. You can always be barefoot!

3- Prioritize your comfort

When I bought my wedding shoes, I thought that I could easily manage heels because I wore them all day long for work (10 cm!). What I did not take into consideration was that, at work, I was not standing for 10 hours, posing for photos, wearing a long dress, dancing, etc.
I did not listen to my own advice and went for the fashionable and expensive shoes. Moreover, with the heat, my feet swelled and it was really painful. Fortunately, I did have a spare pair so I could switch for the party.
As women, we often prioritize style over comfort, but you will spend at least 12 hours in those shoes. So better be comfy!
How do we get there? Get used to wearing your shoes before the wedding. Try them at home for at least one hour per day so you can learn how to walk, dance, seat, or even run (who knows?) with them. One solution is to use them with thin socks, as they will soften the shape of your foot.
You can have one or two spare pairs. Once the official ceremony is done, you can switch to more comfortable shoes (like platform sandals) for the cocktail and dinner; and even create a totally new look for the party with sneakers or flip-flops.
The importance here is that you do not need to worry about it during the day and you can enjoy every moment pain-free. 

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