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The cocktail hour just got better

1 year News

In the early days of the pandemic, Fabien Constanty found the right formula to keep him busy, his business running, and avoid all the TikTok dances.  From April 2020, L’Ingenieur en Saveur proposes seasonal cocktails sold in bottles.


I have known Fabien for several years and I can say he is not a regular barman. He has the right balance between scientist, cook, and artist. I have seen him macerating fruits, creating infusions, and playing with endless flavors. 

Honoring his 15-year cocktail-making experience, he only works with renowned liquors and uses fresh local products to bring you the finest quality.

But it is not all about alcohol for L’Ingenieur en Saveur. He also proposes exquisite mocktails he calls “Elixirs”, homemade concentrated syrups made from fruits, plants, and spices.

Fabien recommends drinking it with sparkling or still water, ice or hot tea, or even as a dessert sauce. You can also make your own cocktails with the elixirs.

This creative mixologist reinvented the way we drink cocktails at home. However, I also like to see it as an experience you can share or offer someone else.

Want to order? You can contact the team by email or social media: Facebook & Instagram.

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Check out the Spring Menu HERE (available until June 2023)