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How to plan your proposal?

1 month News, Weddings

The real wedding planning will actually start before your partner pops up the question. Those hours, days, weeks, and sometimes, months before kneeling in front of your significant other, could be another adventure.

Don’t worry, we have you covered. We will walk you through some basics so you can prepare the winning proposal.

Check the temperature

This may seem basic, but it is very crucial to make sure you are on the same page as your partner.

By the time you decided to propose, you have probably discussed the idea of getting married and building a future together. Therefore, the surprise effect should be how you do it and not what it is that you are doing.

Talking to your in-laws

Naturally, it will all depend on your relationship with them and how close your future fiancé(é) is to them.

Even if it is 2022, some cultures appreciate the gesture. It is a symbol of respect to let them know your intentions and they could also help you arrange the surprise.

Choosing the ring

Credit to Anastasia Shuraeva

It comes without saying that this may be the most significant detail of all. 

Here you have as many alternatives: some couples prefer to do the engagement ring shopping together (after the proposal). Another option is to go ahead with a classic ring, you know you are playing a safe card.

Some families have a ring that passes on for generations and, my favorite one is the personalized ring. Many jewelers now offer to create a ring based on the personality, taste, and colors of your future half. Nothing better than tailor-made.

Finding the date

Once you have the ring, I would highly recommend setting a date for the proposal. If you are planning to do it while you are on a trip or holiday and you have to wait a bit longer, do not keep the ring in your house.

It is wise to put it in a safe, a bank, or give it to someone you really trust. Let’s minimize all the risks of someone else finding it. Otherwise, do not leave it at home for more than a week.

Finding the idea

Now that you have the ring and the date, you need to figure out how you are going to propose.

Let’s forget about romantic movies for a moment and think about you as a couple. What do you enjoy doing together? What is your favorite place? Where was your first date? How is she/he? What does she/he like?

I am sure you know already, but if you need help, call us 😉

The Perfect Speech

Once I saw an incredible proposal in a pizza place. The place was everything but glamorous (well, the pizza was amazing), and a guy kneeled and said one of the sweetest love speeches I have ever heard (and I have organized more than 70 weddings).

No matter where you are, let your heart speak. Love has all the answers. My advice is no improvisation. Unless you feel extremely comfortable, it is a quite stressful moment and it is better if you rehearse or write everything down.

Credits to Harrison Haines

More than Words

If big speeches are not your cup of tea, you can do a big gesture.

The Hollywood movies could be a rich source of inspiration at this time: romantic dinner by the beach, hot-air ballooning, placing the ring in the Champagne glass, etc.

Actions are better than words, but you will still have to say something.

Stress of planning

A proposal is a big deal. You want it to be flawless, and it is also the beginning of a new step in your life.

As always, I suggest reaching out to a professional to assist you with it. However, if you feel like handling it on your own, find yourself a partner in crime. Someone who can help you with the logistics and that you can call in case of need.

Sharing this moment with a friend or family member(s) could bond your relationship.

 Do others need to know about it?

Yes, absolutely. Though be selective, do not tell everyone about the proposal, and be careful to wait until the very last minute. Again, you want to make sure there is no leak.

A day to remember

As long as it is possible, try to hire a photographer or ask someone to record it. You will want to keep this memory with you and there is nothing more beautiful to watch than two people in love.