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Events & Catering

– Marissa Mayer
“To me, the future is personalization”.
Brightside Group

Corporate events

Event planning takes a significant amount of time. Whether event planning is your primary or secondary responsibility, it will take a lot out of you. Hiring a specialized third party to fully or partially assist you not only is crucial for success, but it also allows you to gain a considerable amount of time.

With our dedicated team, we can support you in every step of your event, finding the best services within your budget, taking care of every detail, as well as ensuring a smooth and outstanding experience for you.

Brightside Group

Social events

From a birthday celebration to a housewarming party, every occasion is special and worth celebrating in style.

We continuously look for innovative and creative solutions to ensure that every event designed is unique Understanding your needs and turning your dreams into reality is our passion.

Brightside Group


We work with the most creative Chefs and Mixologists, and our ultimate goal is to create a special moment for you.

It is essential for us to highlight our local communities and share their talents through unique culinary experiences, bringing you the best of our regional gastronomy. We care about the origin of the products by choosing GRTA products and partners who share our values in terms of sustainability. From intimate dinners, cakes orders to garden parties, we are here for you!

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