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About Us

– Walt Disney
“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them”.

Brightside was officially established in 2019, yet the idea was born years before in a small office. Two colleagues, now friends, agreed during a hectic afternoon on “one day,” they will have their own company and put the client in the heart of it.

Since then, our mission has been to offer a unique experience through personalized service and a creative approach.

The Team

Gabriela Buser

Gabriela Buser

General Manager

Charly Ballin

Charly Ballin

Project Manager

Ariadna Candia

Ariadna Candia

Community Manager

Jorge Buser

Jorge Buser

Logistic Manager



Honorary CEO

Brightside Group

Our Work Philosophy

We create extraordinary events by providing a holistic approach and a personalized service. Whether it is a private or corporate occasion, an unforgettable message will be sent across through a thoughtful and creative approach, leaving your guests inspired and enthusiastic. Our main goal is for you to enjoy the organization and planning process as much as the event day.

We propose a stress-free and transparent environment; it is vital that you feel at ease with your decisions during our collaboration. Negotiating the most advantageous rates and flexible contract conditions and looking for distinctive locations are core offers of our service.

With more than 15-years of experience in the hospitality business, we have developed a network of trusted partners. We choose our suppliers based on the quality of their work, experience, and shared values.

We plan, we execute, and much more! Among our main services, you can find venues’ scouting, suppliers’ selection, event design, production, coordination, onsite management, guest list management, decoration, transportation and accommodation management, photography and video production, entertainment, graphic designs, etc.

We work with fixed management fees that may vary depending on the number of guests, event length, degree of details, location, and so forth. We will structure our research based on your budget, and we will help you decide on every detail.

3 Reasons to Choose Us

Our Swiss Know-how

Precision, quality, and attention to detail are our value propositions. We operate with extreme discretion, carefully select our suppliers and focus on anticipation.


We put our heart and soul into what we do. We believe in long-term relationships and take excellent care of our clients.

Exceeding your expectations and going the extra mile is our main concern.

Our Creativity

Our motto is continuously looking for new inspirations and being up to date with the latest trends. We design bespoke events to ensure that every experience is inimitable and unforgettable. All your dreams and hopes can be transformed into reality.